Maryam Anwer
Team Lead

She holds the key-role of directing and executing the vision and mission of the company while making key strategic decisions to achieve exponential growth. Maryam brings rich experience in commercializing tech innovative ideas fitting market needs and generating profits. She also Working as a Machine learning developer and doing MS IS from NED University.

Syed M. Taha Anwer
Co-founder/ Network Head

Taha is Co-founder and Network Head. . He has valuable expertise in bringing technology ideas to life. Taha has immense insight on developing innovative and technological products. His research interests include IOT, adhoc networks, Network Design, wireless network, artificial intelligent systems and cloud computing. He has led various innovative commercial products. He has done his BCIT from NED University.

Tabarka Rajjab
Senior Software Developer

She has rich experience in multitude of software development projects. Being a core researcher at “Research Center for Artificial Intelligence”, Sundus has been leading the project’s software development side for many commercial, industrial and research based products. She is currently doing her Masters from NEDUET.

Ayesha Khan
Graphic Designer

Ayesha is successfully translated subject matter into concrete design. She has ability to multi-task and work efficiently under pressure with careful attention to detail is a must and also a solid working knowledge of the latest versions of applicable programs -- Mac OS, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash and Microsoft Office.

Syed M Tahir
Graphic Deisgner

He is working as UI/UX designer in our product. He has a dynamic personality, willing to take challenges and propose effective UI/UX design. His technical experience in product design gives him a key advantage to mould the product according to customer demands and providing them the best of services.

M. Zaid Kamal
Social Media Marketing Manager

Champion of social media tools and technologies, with a track record of creating and implementing successful social media campaigns. Work closely with clients to develop and execute a proactive, social content calendar, managing all phases digital marketing initiatives from concept through delivery and optimization.